Influential Partner Licensees

As our partner, you will become associated with our leading international brand, which will add to your own reputation and perceived value in the marketplace. You’ll become part of a dynamic international network for mutual sharing, support and ideas.
You’ll have the opportunity to help your clients with the most critical business skill for the 21st Century, Influence. Plus, you’ll have a new topic/service to offer your existing clients, and to open up new ones. To begin, you will learn the Secrets of Influence for your own personal and professional development.
You’ll learn our time-tested marketing and sales techniques and get the proven templates and designs for all our marketing and P.R. materials.
In our intensive 3-day “Licensee Training Program” you’ll learn our unique Secrets of Influence theory, the infrastructure and design of the program and all our proven tips and tricks for teaching the program for maximum effectiveness. Finally, you’ll get your own user-friendly Leaders’ Guide, which will quick-start you on your way to becoming an expert.
Of course, you’ll get ongoing support from our master senior team, via telephone, e-mail and in person coaching and counseling.
Earn an extra income stream while continuing your regular consulting business .We offer an escalating commission structure on all our services and products; the more successful you are, the more money you’ll make and the less hands-on work you’ll have to do.

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Join our Influence Affiliate Network. You’ll profit as you teach your clients how to have and use influence.