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This e-book contains the thoughts and opinions of over 80 consultants, trainers and
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While teaching and writing about influence for over 20 years, we have asked many of our clients and participants in our seminars how they define “Influence”. We have also surveyed executives and professionals during the constant updates of the book The Seven Secrets of Influence..

Of course we received many insightful, thoughtful and sometimes creative twists and angles on the definition. We finally took it to the members of professional Training and Consulting Groups on LinkedIn.

This report summarizes the results from these inquiries, which I hope you’ll find interesting and thought-provoking. We have further refined those responses, and found that they cluster generally into three main themes:

  • Influence definitions and effects
  • Discussion of difference between positive influence and negative influence or manipulation
  • The importance of listening, empathy, “reading the other” as an important component of influence

We’ve also included our definition of Influence, and some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the concept.

We hope you’ll find the report a valuable addition to your professional library.

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