We are a management training and organizational development company in the U.S, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We are dedicated to assisting individuals, groups and organizations in achieving results.

We focus on helping our clients put vision into action by:

  • assisting individuals and organizations to be innovative in their thinking and actions
  • creating more challenging and cooperative work cultures
  • developing dynamic and useful programs that are effective in business and personal situations

Our products and services draw from state-of-the-art research and bring fresh, new approaches to our client systems. We offer these innovative approaches as catalysts for growth of both the individual and the organization.

Our professional consultants and staff draw from a variety of disciplines — organization development, psychology, adult education, management.


Delray Beach, Florida :: Montreal, Canada
A seasoned businesswoman, educator, author and consultant, Ms. Zuker has held executive positions in publishing, higher education and communications. As a keynote speaker, she has addressed meetings and conferences in industry, government and professional associations.

Her bestselling book, The Seven Secrets of Influence® (McGraw-Hill), was the Main Selection for the Business Week Book Club and has been translated into four languages. A revised edition was published by Penguin India last year.

The author of Mastering Assertiveness Skills, The Assertive Manager, Creating Rapport, Career Success Series and the Day Timers Success Tapes, she has been featured on numerous radio and television talk shows and in many newspaper and magazine articles.

Ms. Zuker holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational Development and is the 2004 recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from New York Polytechnic University.

She has served on the faculties of Montclair State College (Division of Business), Mercy College, Pace University, and Marymount College.

Ms. Zuker holds a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Management/Organizational Development and is the 2004 recipient of the Alumni Achievement Award from New York Polytechnic University.


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Is it any surprise that Elaina Zuker Associates has worked with some of the most influential companies in the world? Following are a sample of the world-ranked organizations who have hired us to develop influence amongst their leadership, management and staff.


“I was delighted to share with other executives how valuable your influence program has been in enhancing our over-all management curriculum at American Express. I’m happy to report that this year alone, the course has been delivered at least 51 times in our domestic and international locations. Your program has helped us realize that the powerful skill of influence has greatly helped our managers improve their productivity.”

Director, Management Education American Express International

I want to express my appreciation for your contribution to our Training Program, both in reviewing our Consultant Guide and your Influence Training Program for 200 of our top managers. Your program contribution a fresh approach and valuable new skills to the “toolkit” of our Sales Managers to help them in our highly competitive business.

Director, Product Merchandising Jafra Cosmetics

Jafra Cosmetics


Elaina, you’ve always been able to influence me to act. Now I know why! This program is a must for anyone in sales!

President Mary Kay Cosmetics

Your Influence Program, (which we renamed M.I.S.T.I.C. Mastering Influence Skills for Technical Information Communication) was a big hit with our dynamic operations supervisors and managers. As a result of the training program the group is finding new abilities in managing their day-to-day communication. The simple but powerful model (many of our participants called it “very user-friendly”) based on your Influence Styles Inventory, has proven to be a valuable tool, both for insight and practical application in their everyday work relationships. Indeed, the program has begun to evolve a new language around here, as an indicator of subtle but important cultural changes in our entire organization.

Training Manager MCI International



I wanted to share with you the positive response we are getting to the Influence Skills program. Our Zone Managers have been delighted with the potential of these skills in both selling and ”people-managing” situations. Our group of headquarters managers voiced similar reactions regarding the universality of the skills.

All levels of management have strongly encouraged the expansion of this training to our entire sales organization. Follow-up has shown that people hold the concepts quite well and enjoy applying what they have learned.

Thank you for your support in helping us launch the program company-wide. Your team helped make the process an effective and pleasant one.

Vice President, Training L’Oreal Cosmetics

Many thanks for the work you’ve done for our international training programs.

As you know, this agency has traditionally felt there was one “right way” of doing things. Your Influence Skills training has heightened our sensitivity to different ways of thinking and communicating.

I especially like the fact that your material is free of typical trainer jargon which usually confuses and distances our managers. Your material is ideally suited to our no-nonsense, pragmatically oriented approach to doing business.

Many thanks for your valuable contribution to our organization.

Director, Worldwide Training Ogilvy and Mather International



We are delighted with the program Mastering Influence Skills as a new Management Development Program, and as a Train the Trainer program for 25 of our property Training Directors and Managers.

Our original objectives were certainly met – indeed exceeded. The Training Program itself, as well as the Trainer Certification portion, the Leader’s Guide and all the materials were of the highest professional quality. And you as a trainer exemplified a fine role model for our own Trainers, in your ability to deliver complex material in a manner which was engaging, interesting, easy to absorb and practical!

But my special thanks are for your contribution to us above and beyond the mandate for which we retained your company. When difficult organizational issues and unmet back home needs surfaced you assisted the group to grapple with some thorny problems, while maintaining the focus and spirit of learning in the context of the seminar. No easy task, as anyone who has dealt with Training Managers can attest! You embodied what you teach about “flexibility” being the cornerstone of communication, consulting and influencing.

No wonder, at the end of the week, that your program got the excellent feedback that it did, and that later, you got so many ”thank you” notes from our busy managers. I join them in thanking you, Elaina, for a caring and professional contribution to Sheraton.

Director of Corporate Training Sheraton Corporation

Over the past two years since we have begun using Mastering Influence Skills the program is always rated at 9 or 10. The most commonly used remarks are “excellent, outstanding, terrific!” Participants leave having gained valuable insights and learnings about their own and others’ influence styles, and practical strategies of how to implement these skills.

I have heard glowing feedback on the content and professional of all involved in delivering your Influence program. You and your team are described as “top-notch”. Your extensive knowledge and impressive skill in developing rapport with our managers as well as your insightful grasp of our organization’s culture has created a superior learning environment.

All in all, the program has been a great success and has “influenced” the way we communicate through our multi-layered organization.

Training Manager Syntex Pharmaceuticals



  • American Council on Education
  • American Express
  • American Institute of Banking
  • American International Group
  • AT &T
  • AT & T international
  • Avon International
  • Bank of America
  • Bankers Trust
  • Bank of the West
  • Bear Stearns
  • Bell Communications Reearch
  • Borg Warner International
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Citibank
  • Chiron Corp.
  • Clairol Products
  • ColgatePalmolive
  • Day Timers
  • Deloite, Haskins & Sells
  • European American Bank
  • First Boston Corp.
  • Geisinger Medical Center
  • Government of Alberta
  • Government of Jamaica
  • Hachette Publishing
  • Hearst Publishing
  • Hotel Sales & Marketing Association
  • IBM
  • Jafra Cosmetics
  • Jamaica Citizens Bank
  • Kaiser Electronics
  • Levi Strauss
  • Macy’s
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Mountainside Hospital
  • Mutual of New York
  • National Hotels and Properties
  • National League of Cities
  • New York State
  • New York Telephone
  • Norton Hospital System
  • Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
  • State of Connecticut
  • Sheraton Corporation
  • Syntex Pharmaceuticals
  • Time Inc.
  • World Book International