Sales Executives Guide to Portable Power

Our theory of the Secrets of Influence provides a framework for discovering your own preferred Influence Strategies learning how to detect the Strategies of others ( we call it “developing your own radar”)  and a system for how to use your new knowledge and skills for maximum success in the complex workplace environment of the 21st Century. Here is a brief presentation that covers the essence of our theory and our “Styles of Influence” that we made to a group of Sales Executives at the television station KRON-TV in San… Listen Now

Positive Influence or Manipulation. What’s the Difference?

Influence Defined; there are many opinions and definitions of  “Influence”. In the following interview we describe our “working definition” of the term, as well as providing clarification of some common Myths and Misconceptions about Influence. Influence Defined [audio mp3=""][/audio] Where do You Draw the Line Between Influence and Manipulation? Listen Now

The Need for Influence – An Interview with Elaina Zuker

Neither WHAT you know (technical or professional expertise nor WHO you know (your network of contacts) will be enough to guarantee your success. In this informative interview (recorded originally for TV), Elaina Zuker explains the importance of influence and why Influence Skills are Needed in today’s business environment. Elaina, also tells you how to replicate your successes. 21st Century changes in technology, organizational structures and societal pressures require us all to have more refined Influence Skills to navigate the new and uncharted waters of a global business environment. Understanding these… Listen Now